Friday, 22 January 2010

Back again

After leaving home briefly to take a satisfactory if not particularly enjoyable break in the Arctic wastes of Sussex, I have returned to a changed world:

Eighty-nine-years-old Mickey Rooney has finished his stint in Milton Keynes as Baron Hardup in Cinderella, a role which he had already played in Sunderland a couple of years ago. I am sorry I missed his performance.


Grumio said...

Welcome back!

There's a pewter mug with your name on it here on the bar at Reginald's and a dozen or so inmates hoping to fill it for you.

Tony said...

That's uncommonly civil of you, my dear fellow. My greetings to the whole dissolute crew; I look forward to regaling them with details of my recent exploits as soon as I can make it up to the old watering place.