Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Greetings to Auntie

No 25 in an occasional series of extracts from The Postcard Century

August 1908: Albert in Oldham is very free in writing to his aunt in Popeswood. I suppose we shall see you coming back about this size you blooming great squash. This is the girl I was telling you about she is 17st and 19 years of age we went to Blackpool Sat and had a ripping time don't get too saucy when the coom back or else the'll get theyead punching.


JES said...

Off-topic, I thought you might be interested in the (forthcoming) two-volume Stephen Sondheim memoir.

I've no idea if you care even remotely about the memoir's subject. I just thought you might like to have them on your bookshelf, for the titles alone: volume 1, due out next fall, will be Finishing The Hat; volume 2, sometime in 2011, Look, I Made A Hat.

The publisher's Web site says the first book's title is also the title of "one of Sondheim's most famous songs, from 'Sunday In The Park With George'." So there's a whole 'nother off-topic topic on which to follow up!

Tony said...

Thank you, JES. There's something about hats, isn't there?
Pity the memoirs aren't out yet. My son is a London producer and has met Sondheim several times; I could have given them to him for Christmas.