Monday, 18 May 2009

Baker's dozen

The following thirteen (fairly) eminent people have two things in common. What are they?

Christopher Fry, playwright
Jim Callaghan, prime minister
Margaretta Scott, actress
Cyril Fletcher, comedian and impresario
Moura Lympany, pianist
David Kossoff, actor and broadcaster
Norbert Brainin, violinist
John DeLorean, motor car manufacturer
Ronnie Barker, actor and comedian
David Sheppard, cricketer and bishop of Liverpool
Ted Wragg, educationist
Long John Baldry, singer and guitarist
George Best, footballer


Froog said...

I was fairly sure they were all 'recently' deceased, but I thought you might be looking for a more specific second connection.

I wondered if they'd all been on Desert Island Discs during Richard Baker's stewardship (perhaps twice each?). That seemed like the kind of pun that would appeal to you.

Presumably you regard DeLorean as un-splendid, although there might be other candidates too.

Tony said...

Well, at least all of them could be said to have enriched our lives in one way or another, even though George Best wasn't hugely admirable.