Thursday, 16 April 2009

Style icon takes over Wales

No 15 in an occasional series of extracts from The Postcard Century

January 1970: A cryptic message from EP in Kensington to Mr Keatey in Brooklyn: So far no action. Everything else is AOK.
One almost feels sorry for the young Charles in the mad regalia of the investiture, whose symbolic staff and sword he grips as if his knuckles would break. He is trying hard to look like someone in history. Norman Parkinson, a royal regular, was responsible for the high camp of the photograph. The fatal design mismatch is the old style ermine cape over a modern military uniform, making neither look distinguished or convincing,


Amanda said...

And how about those ears? At least the crown doesn't risk falling off...

Tony said...

How about them, indeed, Amanda; you can tell he's going to grow up to believe in weird things, can't you?