Monday, 16 February 2009

Message of Peace

No 11 in an occasional series of extracts from The Postcard Century
August 1951: Peggy writes to Ian Morris and Betty Trowbridge in London W4 from the Eastern Sector of Berlin: Arrived safely in Berlin on Thursday despite everything. Plenty to do in Berlin. Situation here is highly encouraging. We were warmly welcomed by the German people, We are NOT starving.
This trio, politically immaculate in gender and ethnicity, come from a Sovexport film. Peggy is attending the 3rd World Festival of Youth and Students for Peace. She has fallen completely (and understandably) for the party line as announced in the card’s title, the special issue stamp, and even the slogan postmark: ‘Youth: Unite in the Struggle for Peace against the Danger of a New War’. Ten years on, to the day, from the posting of this card, the Berlin Wall will be newly in place.

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