Sunday, 28 December 2008

Let's face the music and dance

We were promised A Fortnight of Festive Viewing and this was no idle threat: we got Mary Poppins and then it was all downhill from there. The Queen's Address was an oasis of lively fun amid all the sad old rubbish.

There was one ancient clip, though, which justified its nth repeat. Throughout its thirty-two year history it has never been more topical than it was this Christmas:

Angela Rippon is reading the news: "A report on the economy has just come through from Number 11 Downing Street. The Chancellor's statement reads as follows: There may be trouble ahead..."

The newsdesk slides away revealing Rippon's gorgeous legs. She does a very high kick then dances and sings, while Morecombe and Wise join her and do their Fred Astaire act: "...but while there's moonlight, and music, and love, and romance..."

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