Thursday, 12 June 2008

The end of the greengrocer

Dr Tim Leunig, professor in economic history at LSE, tells us that the lucky ones among greengrocers forced out of trade by the supermarkets are those who own their stores and can sell them to the new kids on the block.

And who are the newcomers? According to the good professor, small independent shops are being replaced by "small independent aromatherapists, cosmetic surgeons, weight control clinics, makeup artists, reflexologists and sauna parlours."

So that's all right then, our High Streets are not dying as many had feared. You may have to drive out of town for apples or carrots, but right in the centre you can get nice smells and a new nose, or lose a couple of kilos, or have your lipstick applied and your feet massaged, or just work up a nice sweat.

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