Wednesday, 1 November 2006

The chance of a lifetime

Substitute Executive
Would you like to make at least 1.5K to 3.5K daily just for returning calls? If you have a phone and can return calls you are fully qualified. Call us - 888-701-3877
Goodbye, Lloyd Jones

Gosh! At, say, twenty calls a day, that's $75 to $175 each time you answer the phone!

I was greatly taken with this proposal, which sounds quite legal and makes a nice change from the usual lengthy and ill-written requests for help in money-laundering. Its simple and direct approach is really appealing: in the middle range of the likely income, the job will, if accepted, bring you in around a million bucks a year.

I thought long and hard about it, but although returning calls doesn’t sound too onerous, and is certainly well within my capabilities, it seems likely that some of them might come in at an inconvenient time (such as when I am having my breakfast), and the admittedly generous rewards would not be worth the resultant stress. So in the end I decided not to offer my services, and to leave the opportunity to someone who needs the money more than I.

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Grumio said...

Interesting. I tried it for a couple of months. It wasn't too bad. Lloyd was a good guy and checked in every now and then to make sure it wasn't too onerous. I must admit, some of the calls were remarkably dull. But, fair dos, he paid on time and so I saved enough to buy a small bakery. I didn't buy small bakery, needless to say, but it was nice to know I could have done.

In the end, as you have surmised, the number of early morning calls did go up. So I gave up. I guess that is why he is recruiting again.

Still it's nice to know that not EVERYONE on the internet is a shallow litttle crook preying on the weak-minded from behind a computer screen and anonymous 'phone number, isn't it?