Thursday, 8 June 2006

Something interesting not easy to find in the dross of Other Men’s Flowers, even though it now contains 430 posts amounting to 100,000 words. Blogger provides no facility for listing categories, and I cannot be bothered with any of the various clever ways of implementing them with a bit of coding.
However, those seeking an item which might conceivably be of interest to them can always type a keyword into the space at the top left of the page, click on Search this blog, and see what comes up, though Blogger Search covers only the last 300 posts so they will miss earlier gems.

Thus, for example, words will give you a list of 17 posts, music 13, women 12, food 7, sex 7, love 7, poetry 5, Jesus 5, Canada 3 and so on.

Obviously, the figures in no way indicate the relative level of my interest in these topics, because the lists will not be exhaustive: there are dozens of posts about, say, food, which don’t actually use the word: you would have to search for butter, mussels, etc, etc, to find the lot, and most readers will have something more exciting to occupy their time, like making an inventory of their socks, or worming the dog.

Anyway, Other Men’s Flowers is, after all, a personal blog: searching for I or me will produce utterly pointless lists totalling over two hundred posts.

November 2006: OMF now has categories.

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