Sunday, 12 March 2006

Grimm with Axel and Lutz

My grand-daughter stood us up because she wasn’t well, and it seemed a pity to waste the tickets even if they were comps. So we were among the few adults-only groups at a matinée of Snow White featuring The Russian Ice Stars.
Anyway, I enjoyed it. (Their production company, which is based in Wales, has a rather good website.)
Watching them leaping about with great élan, I was struck with the thought that here is a really dangerous occupation: on a crowded stage with skaters carrying others, long legs with skates at the end of them whizzing round high in the air, it needs only a tiny error of judgement on someone’s part and you could easily have your face sliced off.
It all looks more dangerous than Formula One; it is certainly more exciting and prettier. In that dull sport, the most—some would say the only—interesting element is the possibility of something nasty happening, with plumes of black smoke and torn-off wheels bouncing down the track. But Russian ice dancers are much more engaging characters than racing drivers and one would be sorry if any of them came to grief. At the matinée, one girl did drop a plate but at the time she was twirling two of them on long poles and going backwards on one leg so one could hardly blame her; no harm was done, and nobody minded.


Minerva said...

Was she dishy? *grin*

Tony said...

Yes, phwoar!
Not one of your most scintillating, but always a pleasure to hear from you. X

PerfectlyVocal said...

Ah, but there's a great debate at the Winter Olympics about Ice Skating - is it an art or a sport? I'm guessing you are leaning towards it being a sport there with the Formula One comparison.

Tony said...

I don't lean towards either opinion; ice dancing is fine for a matinée but, sport or art, the Winter Olympics are even less interesting than the summer ones.