Tuesday, 28 February 2006


Adrian Leppard, assistant chief constable of Kent, has said that the £50 million raid on the cash depot in Tonbridge "had been planned and executed with military precision". Clearly, he has never been in the army.
Or perhaps he has, and is being sarcastic. He has also said "I've got no doubt in my mind we will catch these people", so he may believe that the apparent success of the robbery was only temporary, and that the operation was actually an FCMBU.
But note that at midday today, 28th February, there are only just over three days left to try for a bargain.
[Later note: This was a link to an item offered on eBay: 50 million pounds in used banknotes, complete with an illustration of the pile, with a note to the effect that it would interest someone who wouldn't ask too many questions. Last time I looked there were around twenty bids, with the highest £100,000 or so and then, after leaving it there for four days, dozy eBay woke up and killed it. All good clean fun.]

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