Thursday, 4 August 2005

Hold the mung beans with fenugreek

We had some vegetarian friends to dinner the other day and gave them pasta with mushrooms and butternut squash.

It was really rather nice and I thought perhaps I might become a veggie.

Then I remembered the piece of rib we'd had the previous week and thought..., I mightn't.

[A friend has just given us a recipe for a Paraguayan snack called entraƱasitas, which are little patties made from bull's guts which you dip in blood sauce. Must try these next weekend, if our butcher can get the right sort of bull's guts.]

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PerfectlyVocal said...

My middle daughter is a veggie - gives the rest of us a chance to be part-time vegetarians, and have the best of both worlds. Let me know how the entraƱasitas go down. I don't imagine they'll be popular in veggie circles!