Saturday, 26 March 2005

Paschal ambiguity

The Soho philosopher and wit Grumio who writes all too rarely online was for once only half right when, in a comment on yesterday’s post about Easter, he suggested that the festival is in the main a celebration through chocolate, for there are bunnies too, not always in chocolate versions. I have never seen a chocolate crucifix but no doubt they are available; as the talented Rebecca Front reminded us in The Guardian today, the holiday weekend is actually a curious juxtaposition of chocolate and crucifixion.

If you are looking for a piece of clipart on the theme of Easter, you will find that Microsoft© Office© XP© offers a choice of around 150, most of which feature eggs or bunnies or both. However, there are four with unashamedly Christian themes, and one which blithely features both decorated eggs and a singularly un-rugged cross which looks as if it might have been made out of slightly melted Dairy Milk©:

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Grumio said...

Just in from the French House Pub (where I was reading from my collection "Poems & Polemics 1976-1979") to find your interesting post and on reflection to realise that I was only a third right. Chocolate, Bunnies and Buns (of the Hot Cross variety) are the Holy Trinity of Easter. What a majestic creed it is we are fortunate to have guide us in this Britain of ours – and no wonder we are renowned for the disappointing state of our teeth.