Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Robert Chambers

Yesterday my wife's nephew died of cancer, aged 41.
Known professionally as Wobbly Bob, he was a gifted artist and musician, the guitarist, singer and co-founder with Pete Bennett of a band called Daddy Fantastic, and creator of the cartoon character of that name. Here is the cover page of one of his comic books.

I and all my family were very fond of him; we admired his gentleness, his good humour, his inability to bear a grudge and his total lack of malice or anger.

I have never met anyone else quite like him. He was much loved and we shall all miss him.

On 6th January in Brighton, over two hundred of Robert's friends joined his family for a last gig.


Anonymous said...

We knew Rob as "Cartoon Rob",a nickname given to him by my daughter because of their shared love of cartoons,especially Scooby Doo.It was a privelege to have been able to call Rob our friend.He was indeed a kind,gentle and loyal pal.Rob we will miss you and Brighton will be an emptier place without you in it.Remember you always, Hannah,John and Darcy Xxxxx

Anonymous said...

We were quite shocked by the news here in Belgium. Robert was a good friend of ours and a talented musician. If fact, we have just finished a series of 5 2-hour broadcasts commemorating him and his music here on Antwerp's Radio Centraal station. We will not forget him.

Marc Mushroom and Louis

Anonymous said...

To Robert's friends in Belgium:
Thank you very much for your kind message. I am forwarding it to the members of his family, who I know will much appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

How sad and shocked to hear that Rob is no longer with us. I first met "Wob" through Nik at the Concorde II in Brighton. Boy did we have fun! Such a wonderful, colourful,talented and witty man. I am proud to have known him.
Clare Parker

Tony said...

Thank you, Clare. I will pass on your note to Robert's family.